Our Clients… and how we helped

Coach Development and support, Professional Skills Mentor and Executive Coaching for Elite Coach Apprenticeship Scheme (ECAS) and Elite Head of Coaching  (EHOC)

Team Building, Executive Coaching, Management Development, Training, Project Management, Change Management. Working across Retail, Logistics and Head Office as a Performance Coach 


Coach Development and Support, Professional Skill Mentor for Coaches (ECAS), Executive Coaching

People and Organisation Review, Executive Coaching, Training, Senior Coach Developer, Coaching System Development, Customer Service development and workshop facilitation



Executive Coaching for a variety of sports



Coach Developer

Project Management and Policy Development

Project Development and Management, Executive Coaching

Management and Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Project Management

Market Research and Review



Coach Development



Team Building and Organisational Development Facilitation, Executive Coaching, Coaching System Development

Elite Coach Development and Support, Level 4 Coach Mentoring, Executive Coaching, Coaching System and Talent Pathway review and development, 360 feedback

Executive Coaching, Coach Developing, System Building support

Facilitation of Progressive Strategies for Talent Management

Coach Mentoring – High Performance Coach Development



Coaching System Development



Workshop facilitation Sport and Business, Executive Coaching

International Project Development, Trainer and facilitator of Youth In Action Projects, European Project Management, International Framework development

Executive Coaching, Leadership and Team Development, Culture Change

Coach Development

Team Building and Management Development



Senior and Middle Management Development, Team Development, Executive Coaching



Coach Development and support

Executive Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Development, 360 Feedback

Trainer, Facilitator and coach for large retail organisations

Coaching System Development, Senior Coach Developer

Virtual Action Learning Sets for the Housing Ombudsman



Executive Coaching and support

Coaching review, Project and Programme Management, Executive Coaching, Mentoring. Worked across Performance and Development departments

Senior Management Team development and Stress awareness training

Player Mentor

Leadership and Mangement Develipment, Training, 360 feedback, Executive Coaching



Professional Skills Mentor for Coaches (ECAS programme) and Skills Mentor for Heads of Coaching (EHOC)

Coaching and Mentoring development; workshop facilitation

Leadership and Management Development and Emotional Intelligence awareness training for clergy in charge of the Parishes within the Diocese of Lincoln 

Workshop facilitation and coach development in relation to ‘the role of the coach in helping athletes build personal solutions to their sporting challenges’

Coach Development and Support, Professional Skill Mentor for Coaches (ECAS), Executive Coaching

Salford City FC

Coach Development and Support, Professional Skill Mentor for Coaches (ECAS), Executive Coaching