“Sport has the power to change the world, it has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.
It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down barriers”

Nelson Mandela


22: Chris Cook – Former Double Olympian, Double Commonwealth Champion and founder of Swim Buddies

A double Olympian talking about dreaming big and starting small, following your heart and doing what you love, how we become what we practice and why not pick up the pen and write your own chapter. These are some of the many brilliant insights, tips and phrases Chris shared in this honest and humble conversation.

Chris also gave an interesting perspective as a business owner offering a sport service to parents as well as being a parent himself.

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21: Mark Bennett MBE – International Coach Developer and founder of the PDS system

Replication of success, athlete centred coaching, performing under pressure and the development of the Performance Development System (PDS) were some of the many topics covered in this purposeful, passionate, and high paced discussion.

It was also a real insight into Mark Bennett the person as well as the coach developer and hearing how his earlier experiences have influenced and formed the development of the Performance Development System – his passion! A fascinating listen, with how to tips and through provoking ideas for parents, teachers, coaches and leaders!

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20: Kurt Lindley – Ultra Marathon runner, Experienced Developer of People and Founder of Be More L&D

Pushing yourself to your personal extreme; Being aware of your emotions in pressure situations; Security versus happiness and freedom; Being a consultant and the questions to ask yourself; Sport as a foundation for life in a society full of rules; Sport to business messages and the availability and potential saturation of learning (contentious?) are some of the many areas we explored.

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19: Paul Smith – Former Professional Cricketer and now Author

Paul Smith was yet again an insightful, challenging and thought-provoking guest touching in the the subject of Mental health and the following connected issues…


Mental Health in Sport and in Cricket; Dealing with identity; Suicide; The value of talking about your issues and challenges; Post traumatic stress: Understanding the mental health trigger points and much much more.

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14: Paul Smith – (3/5) Ex professional cricketer & England 6s World record holder now Writer, Author, Speaker

Paul shares his personal views on the current crop of England Bowlers and his experiences playing with the likes of Bob Willis, Brian Lara, Gladstone Small and Alan Donald.  For any aspiring fast bowler or if you just have an interest in cricket then this is definitely worth a listen.

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13: Lewis Craig – Deputy Head of Academy at Salford City Football Club and previously at Burnley

Are you interested in the ups and downs of being an aspiring professional footballer and what it is like being a lead coach and integral part of one of the most interesting and exciting clubs (and projects) in the football league – Salford City? If so, you are in the right place…

In 2017, Lewis joined Salford City Academy and his role was to bring the experience he gained at Burnley (a Premiership Academy) and work for the Class of 92 owners to develop a new Football Academy with Jamie Russell.

He openly shares his experiences as an aspiring professional footballer, the highs and lows and how he has become the coach and person he is today.

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